Please note that our services are tailored exclusively to individuals accused of criminal offences. We do NOT offer assistance or legal services for victims of ‘white collar crimes’. If you’re facing any white collar criminal charges, our experienced team is here to help defend your rights and provide you with the best possible legal support.

Affordable White-Collar Crime Lawyers in Ottawa

white collar crime lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario

Being found guilty a white-collar crime in Ottawa can have serious consequences, including jail time.

However, this broad area of criminal law is often complex and the burden of proof is high.

Just because you’ve been charged and evidence gathered against you does not make it a hopeless case.

White-collar crime cases often stem from misunderstandings, honest mistakes, or poor investment choices. At Affordable Defence, our steadfast legal team is here to assist you in navigating the complexities of the court, ensuring your charges are addressed with diligence. Trust us to help you reclaim control over your life.

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White-Collar Crimes in Ottawa

Explore the nuances of white-collar crimes prevalent in Ontario, such as fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, securities fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, forgery, and employee fraud. Facing an investigation or charges for these crimes demands swift action to safeguard your rights. Convictions may result in severe consequences like prison sentences and hefty fines.

Our firm, serving Ottawa and the surrounding area, specializes in white-collar criminal defence, offering a robust defence against investigations and charges. With a wealth of resources and legal expertise, we navigate the complexities of these cases, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process. Handling such intricate cases alone is not advisable; trust our experienced team to fight for you.

Examples of white-collar crime charges

In addition to fraud, white-collar crimes may include offences such as the following:

What are the Consequences for White-Collar Crime Convictions?

The consequences of white-collar crime convictions in Ontario vary, encompassing probation, fines, restitution, fines in lieu of forfeiture, and imprisonment. Beyond legal penalties, these convictions carry a significant social stigma, affecting employment prospects and business-related social circles. Accused individuals must adopt a robust defence strategy to counter these charges, safeguarding their future against the specific prejudices associated with crimes of dishonesty and theft in Ontario.

Defending Professionals Accused of White-Collar Crimes in Ontario

White-collar crime accusations impact a broad spectrum of professionals, from entrepreneurs and executives to doctors, accountants, and lawyers. Even allegations unrelated to employment can be career-altering. Safeguard your rights by reaching out to our firm if you’re under investigation or facing charges.

Early legal intervention in white-collar cases enhances the likelihood of a successful resolution. Benefit from a confidential consultation, allowing our expertise to navigate your defence effectively and protect your professional standing in Ontario.

White-Collar Crimes & Changes to Canadian Law

In recent times, Canada has witnessed a notable shift towards more stringent penalties for fraud charges, challenging the conventional leniency associated with white-collar offences. Specifically, the maximum sentence for fraud has been elevated from ten to fourteen years, rendering conditional sentences obsolete for fraud cases surpassing $5000. Previously, substantial fraud cases allowed for house arrest, but recent amendments mandate a minimum two-year prison term for fraud exceeding one million dollars.

Affordable Defence in Ottawa recognizes the gravity of these legal changes and their impact on those facing white-collar crime charges. Our team understands the nuanced complexities of these evolving legal standards and is poised to provide strategic defence tailored to the latest legal landscape. It’s imperative to consider the aggravating factors outlined in the Criminal Code, including the complexity of the fraud, its impact on the economy, the number of victims, financial consequences, and the exploitation of the offender’s status.

Notably, the Criminal Code explicitly prohibits judges from considering an offender’s employment, skills, or community reputation if these attributes were exploited to commit the fraud. This stricter stance emphasizes the need for a comprehensive defence strategy.

When navigating these changing legal dynamics, trust Affordable Defence to provide steadfast advocacy and tailored legal counsel. Our commitment is to understand the intricacies of each case, keeping our clients well-informed and prepared in the face of evolving legal standards.

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White-Collar Crimes: How We Will Defend You

The serious consequences of a conviction and the unfamiliarity of most people with the justice system make it vital to obtain experienced legal counsel in white-collar crime cases.

We will examine the facts of your case and the evidence against you. 

Our experience in complex financial transactions, investment protocols and regulatory regimes in Ottawa and across Ontario will help build a strong defence.

There are often mitigating circumstances or weaknesses in the prosecution case.

In many cases, we can present strong arguments to the Crown counsel at the investigation stage so that charges are avoided – for instance, where an activity is a civil dispute such as breach of contract (not worthy of a criminal charge).

Sometimes, questionable activities occur because of poor business practices or investments, even though it appears illegal and intended to deceive.

This is often where the case for the defence begins.


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