Violent Crime Defence Lawyers Ottawa

Accused offenders of violent crime do not have the benefit of lenient sentencing. Prosecutors and judges are required by law and practice guidelines to impose serious penalties upon conviction. Jail time is often the norm and perpetrators often find an unexpected altercation has led to an experience with the criminal justice system that has lifelong consequences.

Lawyers at Edelson Clifford D’Angelo Friedman LLP in Ottawa do what is required to secure withdrawal of charges or a finding of not guilty for clients; thorough investigation, cross-examination of witnesses and assertive courtroom advocacy. We are diligent in our ability to comb through complex evidence to get the right result.

Diligent Defence For Serious Charges

Scenarios that lead to violent crime charges, such as serious assault, are often complex. Lawyers at our firm are experienced at arguing all possible defences for clients, including mistaken identity of the perpetrator and self-defence. We can rebut allegations of physical harm by thoroughly examining physical and medical evidence.

Our firm represents people accused of violent crimes, including:

Those accused of violent crimes may find it difficult to secure bail. Our work on your behalf starts with that hearing, where we take steps to secure your freedom while you await trial. Once your case is in the justice system we remain at your side and fully engaged in your defence.

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