Criminal Defence Lawyers in Ottawa

Affordable Defence is an initiative of Edelson Clifford D'Angelo Friedman LLP. It is rooted in the firm's philosophy that professional and tenacious criminal defence should not be reserved for the privileged few; effective representation should be accessible to all.

We Have The Experience And Dedication

Michael Edelson has been trusted by citizens in Ottawa for more than 35 years. Our firm's reputation is built on his record of success and extraordinary legal advocacy. Affordable Defence is spearheaded by firm associates Dominic Lamb, Solomon Friedman and Giuseppe Cipriano, who have more than 20 years of practice experience combined.

No Charge Is Too Complex

Our criminal defence lawyers in Ottawa are passionate defenders of clients charged with drinking and driving, drug offenses, violent crimes and firearms infractions, among others. Trial for these crimes is often highly technical in nature, and accused people require legal counsel who are skilled enough to challenge Crown evidence to avoid a conviction. Our firm is deeply knowledgeable about the subject matter at stake in criminal trials and has the courtroom experience to mount a formidable defence.

We Are Committed To Justice

It is a central principle of criminal law that the accused has the right to a fair trial. In practice, this means the choice of a lawyer affects how strongly the accused's voice is heard. Our commitment to justice for people in Ottawa led us to redefine the nature of criminal practice; that is how Affordable Defence came to be.

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