Sex Crime Defence


Defence of sex charges requires vigorous representation from skilled lawyers. The accusation alone causes a personal and professional stigma that is difficult to overcome. Edelson Friedman LLP can give you the legal protection you need in all stages of criminal proceedings, so you can retain your livelihood and dignity.

Our firm in Ottawa represents people accused of sexual assaultchild pornography and offences against children. Crown prosecutors in Ontario do not hesitate to lay charges, and will pursue them persistently. We take a multi-pronged approach to these cases to safeguard those facing serious criminal charges.


Many sexual offences, in particular crimes that involve minors, carry mandatory minimum sentences upon conviction. Coupled with the fact that the offences may be broad enough as written to catch many different kinds of activity, an accused person faces an uphill battle.

Our lawyers have the necessary legal skill to tackle the evidence presented by prosecutors. This includes strong advocacy that can enforce your Charter rights against an unlawful search of your premises or personal property. It also engages our technical knowledge of computers and the forensic examination processes employed by authorities.

In cases where witness testimony is an important part of evidence, such as in cases of historical sexual assault, we have the ability to cross-examine and effectively weaken the Crown’s case. We are diligent to undercover background documentation, such as medical analysis and reports, that bolster our client’s defence.

Success Story: R., an American traveling to Canada, was charged with possession and importation of child pornography. Defence counsel brought a constitutional application to have the evidence excluded due to a defective border search. Ultimately, the Crown was convinced to withdraw the criminal charges.



Our lawyers in Ottawa handle sex crime defence by focusing on all aspects of the needs of the accused: personal, professional and legal. Call us at 613-223-4089 in Ottawa or toll free at 613-223-4089, or contact us online to book a FREE consultation.