Drug Production Defence


Drug production includes the manufacture and cultivation of substances scheduled under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Production of marijuana in unlicensed “grow ops” is an example of an illegal activity that carries significant legal penalties.

Once production charges are laid police will have put significant amount of resources into the surveillance of accused parties and into gathering evidence to convict. This includes monitoring hydro usage, phone wiretaps and interception of other communications.

To fight charges of drug production, experienced legal counsel is a necessity. At Edelson Friedman LLP in Ottawa our lawyers for drug production defence provide you with a detailed and comprehensive defence. We leave no piece of evidence unchallenged, and take all appropriate steps to weaken the impact of the case against you.


Marijuana production carries a maximum term of seven years in prison, and production of other drugs can result in lifetime imprisonment. When the circumstances are so dire, it is vital to have defence counsel who can effectively cross-examine witnesses, including members of police forces, to build a strong defence on your behalf. Our firm focuses on criminal law and knows not only the details of drug crime surveillance but the policies of police departments. We know what steps they will take to build a case and how best to counteract it.

Success Story: O. was charged with theft of electricity and unlawful production of marijuana following the discovery of a sophisticated marijuana grow operation (1300 plants — street value of $1.35M). Following a constitutional application to exclude the evidence, a four-day trial in the Ontario Court of Justice and extensive cross-examination of the investigating officer, all charges were withdrawn.



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