Drug Charge


Drug charges often carry mandatory minimum sentences and conviction can lead to imprisonment. Defence of drug charges, regardless of whether the accused is alleged to have a small amount of marijuana for personal use or is engaged in a large-scale trafficking operation, involves weakening Crown evidence or having it excluded on constitutional grounds.

Edelson Friedman LLP is an Ottawa firm with skilled trial lawyers who regularly advance Charter argument on behalf of clients, challenging Crown evidence based on wiretaps, surveillance and search warrants. Our lawyers ensure authorities are not left unchecked in their actions and that our clients receive a full and vigorous defence.


Drug crimes in Canada are found in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. They fall under three broad categories:

Although some crimes are less serious than others, upon conviction for drug crimes all carry the possibility of travel restrictions, particularly to the United States, barriers to employment and a criminal record. It is therefore vital to obtain criminal defence counsel who can advise on the best course of action and work hard to defend your rights.

In some cases, our lawyers have had evidence, including the drugs in question, excluded from the criminal trial. Without key pieces of evidence, the Crown is unable to make its case for conviction. Our constitutional arguments include arbitrary detention, illegal search and seizure, and other rights of the accused that have been breached by the actions of authorities.


Success Story: L. was charged with possession of cocaine (roughly 1 kg) for the purposes of trafficking. Following a lengthy and detailed constitutional application that alleged violations of the client’s rights under sections 7 and 11 (d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the charges were stayed.


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