Dangerous Driving Charge DUI Lawyers Ottawa

Dangerous driving is a Criminal Code of Canada offence. Conviction results from an analysis of whether the driving in question was dangerous, given the circumstances. The Code directs judges to look at such factors as the nature of the place where the driving happened and the amount of traffic. Those facing potential jail time upon conviction need strategic defence lawyers to represent them.

Lawyers at Edelson Clifford D’Angelo Friedman LLP in Ottawa are criminal defence counsel first and foremost. This means we spend a significant amount of time in trial, defending clients accused in complex crime cases. We have the skill to be flexible and respond to whatever tactic is advanced by the Crown. Whatever conditions the prosecution cites as contributing to dangerous driving, we can analyze and interpret from the perspective of our client.

Putting The Charge Where It Belongs

While you may face a charge of dangerous driving, our defence lawyers may be able to demonstrate that the activity does not rise to the level of a criminal act. It may be possible to have charges reduced to careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act, which is much more favourable for clients. Fundamentally, however, our objective is to have charges withdrawn, stayed or to obtain a not guilty plea for those we represent.

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