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Driving offences are frequently prosecuted in Ottawa. Our firm alone has represented more than 1,000 people accused of impaired driving and related charges. Defence of these charges is often highly technical and focused on the actions of police, the mechanics of Breathalyzer equipment and challenging evidence on constitutional (Charter) grounds.

Edelson Clifford D’Angelo Friedman LLP is the firm behind Affordable Defence. Our driving offence and DUI lawyers in Ottawa give you the skilled defence you need at a price you can afford. This commitment is rooted in our philosophy of advancing justice for accused people in Ontario.

We Have What It Takes To Defend You

Unlike other criminal charges, such as drug offences or violent crimes, the identity of the accused is not at issue in a DUI case. Defence usually turns on a technical challenge of the Crown’s evidence and an analysis of the actions of police during the traffic stop and arrest.

We know how breath machines work, we understand the internal procedures of local police forces and we know the law. Our firm’s lawyers therefore have the technical skill to handle complex impaired driving cases and advance a strong argument on your behalf.

We Provide Trustworthy Representation Through A Difficult Legal Process

For many people accused of impaired driving, it is their first experience with the criminal law. Our lawyers replace the unknowns with substantive information and ongoing advice. Clients trust in our representation when faced with charges and their consequences including:

Criminal driving charges can have a serious impact on your life. Loss of your license can affect your ability to work, provide support to family members and engagement in community activities. A driving conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada will result in a criminal record, which can affect employment prospects and limit travel outside of the country. Our firm knows what is at stake for you, and we will walk you through it.

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