Drug Trafficking Lawyers Ottawa

Charges of drug trafficking can stem from any activity where drugs are alleged to have changed hands. Money does not have to form part of the transaction. Although simple activity can result in drug trafficking accusations, police devote a significant amount of resources to the surveillance of alleged large-scale traffickers.

Lawyers at Edelson Clifford D’Angelo Friedman LLP attack the case advanced by Crown prosecutors, by advancing Charter arguments to exclude evidence. We also provide alternative theories about what happened, all in a bid to demonstrate our clients should be found not guilty or have charges withdrawn altogether.

Drug Transport Charge Defence: Challenging The Evidence

Police and other authorities are held to a high standard when gathering evidence. Our firm’s defence lawyers for drug trafficking in Ottawa will analyze the search warrant, surveillance techniques and actions against the accused in custody — all to demonstrate that they have not met their obligation to safeguard the constitutional rights of the accused.

Success Story: A. was charged with conspiracy to traffic in large quantities of drugs. Evidence included lengthy wiretap recording of her conversations allegedly relating to drug transactions. At trial, defence counsel argued that the Crown had failed to disclose key materials in a timely fashion. All charges were stayed.

Charges of drug distribution are serious and often subject to mandatory minimums. Often, conviction can result in jail time and leave you with a permanent record, unable to travel freely outside of Canada. If you are accused of the importation of drugs into Canada or any trafficking offence, call us. Our Affordable Defence Initiative means you can access the representation you need to safeguard your rights.

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