Domestic Violence


Ottawa police have a “must charge” policy upon accusations of domestic violence. The actual criminal charge is assault or aggravated assault. When it happens in the home or family context, charges are automatically laid and Crown prosecutors take a hard line on the alleged activity.

Often, accusations of domestic assault happen in the midst of divorce or separation proceedings. Accused people are at an emotional low point, with their relationship falling apart and their connections with their children and family under strain.

Lawyers at Edelson Friedman LLP are aware that domestic violence charges affect every aspect of a client’s life. We work closely with our client’s family law counsel to ensure our work as criminal lawyers does not adversely affect their rights in other proceedings. Despite this consideration, we vigorously defend our clients, in the attempt to obtain a not guilty verdict or have charges withdrawn.


Bail is often denied in family violence cases, including child abuse and domestic assault. Accused people, even if they are allowed out pending trial, are unable to return to the family home. This can forever damage the accused’s relationship with his or her children, even if the charges are unfounded and simply a tactic used in a divorce legal proceeding.

Our defence strategy involves getting as much information as possible, including extensive evidence retained by private investigators. We know that for our clients, family life is not the only thing on the line — their reputations are at stake as well.

Success Story: M. was charged with assault causing bodily harm to his wife. Following independent investigation by private investigator hired by defence counsel and presentation to Crown counsel, all charges were withdrawn.


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