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Weapons and gun offences are a highly complex, and often very technical, area of the law. Accused can be subject to stand-alone firearms charges or those that are related to another offence. In either case, knowledge of the often obscure gun law regime in Canada is fundamental to a strong defence.

Among the firearms charge defence lawyers at Ottawa’s Edelson Clifford D’Angelo Friedman LLP is Solomon Friedman, who speaks and writes widely on this topic. Our entire team will work hard to ensure you receive a knowledgeable defence that will advance your interests in court.

Defence Of Lawful Gun Owners And Collectors

Those charged with gun offences are often at a disadvantage simply because authorities, including police, often do not have a comprehensive understanding of the law. Defence from legal counsel who know gun laws is fundamental, in particular when the activity at issue is legal.

Our firm has handled more than 100 cases of firearm charges involving weapons and ammunition, ranging from improper storage to unregistered firearms. We have successfully defended individuals’ legal rights to possess firearms and fought evidence obtained through improper search warrants on Charter grounds.

Success Story: P., licensed firearms owner, was charged with 17 gun-related counts — including unregistered firearms and storage of restricted and nonrestricted firearms contrary to Regulations. The firearms were discovered by police following an entry into the client’s home as a result of a 911 call. Following a Charter application alleging breaches of the client’s section 8 rights (unreasonable search and seizure), all charges were stayed.

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